TV Advertising

Direct Response television campaigns provide brands with immediate information about the effectiveness of their ads and the relevance of their products in the marketplace; encouraging a customer to respond directly via a call-to-action; for example a unique telephone number.

Both long and short form Successful DRTV campaigns build a loyal customer base who will continue to purchase products and add-ons long after the initial purchase

Mediatech successfully plans and manages DRTV campaigns in Canada, USA, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Australia and New Zealand on behalf of clients. Our experienced staff negotiate media buys directly with broadcasters enabling us to achieve the best rates possible. To ensure we identify and engage with the right target customers, our planning will pinpoint the right channels and timeslots best suited to reach your customers cost effectively. Our media team will analyse and monitor television activity to ensure you achieve your goals on time and on budget.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising offers brands a growing opportunity to reach specific audiences with precision and efficiency. Online advertisements and retargeting strategies all work effectively alongside other media such as TV to engage audiences, increasing response and brand visibility.

Mediatech can handle all aspects of your company’s digital marketing campaigns, from creating your digital ads through to meticulously planning within paid search campaigns and social media strategies.

Print Advertising

Advertising within print media can be an effective way of reaching your audience. You can target customers by advertising in specialist, trade and local publications, whereas national and general interest publications can offer a wide reach.

Print audiences tend to engage longer, and are often on the lookout for coupons and deals, so this is a good opportunity to promote special offers for your products or services.

Another benefit of print advertising is the wide variety of options available, from small classified or lineage ads, to larger display or loose leaf inserts.

Mediatech clients worldwide benefit from our expert industry knowledge and timely negotiations allowing them to pay the best rates for the most effective print media return on investment.

Our proactive approach brings additional benefits such as premium positions and free editorial. This is helped by Mediatech’s substantial media spend across many countries for our existing clients.

Radio Advertising

Often the unsung hero when it comes to advertising, Radio in its various forms can offer many advantages to advertisers, with efficient targeting, particularly with regional programming.

Often having an affinity with local listeners, targeting certain demographics or age groups, passionate music or sport lovers; radio allows for a solution in an environment where the listener feels comfortable.

More recently, channels such as specialised podcasts and streaming help in growing a strong brand presence, reaching new audiences and allowing companies to promote ideas and opinions.

“Over the past few years, Mediatech have been a great asset to us with not just our print campaigns, but also our TV presence; utilising budget effectively across relevant programming. Through constant monitoring and communication, they have been able to advise and adjust campaigns in order to maximise performance, and therefore success.”

— Acorn Mobility Services Limited

If you have more questions about the benefits of working with Mediatech, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Getting to know you and your business will help us be more specific about exactly how we can help generate more leads and sales for you and your business.